Somebodies Angel

You're somebodies Angel, she sees through those tears,
the sorrow the madness the hurt and the fears.
When your walls may crumble she makes them her own,
she picks up the pieces and carries each stone.
She builds a foundation from love that you share,
those pieces you shed become all of her stairs.
They will lift her up in this life she will live,
her kindness and strength will be gifts you will give.
Your pain and your struggles, your sickness and strife,
the burdens you carry are lessons of life.
For God knows your path and decides who you'll be,
he shapes and he molds you and plants every seed.
stand tall in your pain and take pride in your fight,
cause you are the winner and you are the light.
She learns from your courage embraces each win,
no matter how little or where it will end.
If one path is broken then turn to the stars,
take flight in your life, don’t look back, just go far.
To her you have passion, desire, no fears,
you're somebodies Angel, she sees through those tears.


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