Coming Home

The highway to heaven is littered with sin,
mistakes and corruption from so deep within.
So fall to your knees and repent with your soul,
then you can be with him and you will feel whole.
A young man named Jesus who died on that cross,
so all could be saved and would never be lost.
The son of our God, a messiah for man,
took hold of our future, gave shape to this land.
The bible the message, the passing of time,
a road map to him that will start in your mind.
Study it, keep, and worship his love,
sing praise to his glory, and fly like a dove.
Your sins are forgiven the moment you ask,
when you seek out Jesus when you face your task.
Belief is the key, the foundation is real,
the journey the struggle and all you will feel.
When you follow his path, you never will roam,
see sooner or later, we're all coming home.


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