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The power of Christ is a wondrous thing, he sends forth his angels on glorious wings. He pierces thru evil, his wrath wont be beat, his love is abundant, the noblest feat. Forgiveness from him, is achieved thru our faith, some find it much sooner, for some its too late. Repent is the answer, turn back from the sin, let Jesus beat Satan, save you from your skin. On my day of judgement, when I lay before, the power of Christ and I kneel on his floor. I pray he forgives all the sin in my life, the struggles the torment, my weakness and strife. When I'm laid to rest and my time here is thru, forgive me my father, I know not what I do. Thank you to Jesus for all you endured, so I can be free from this sin, and be cured.

Angels Heart

An Angels heart is pure and bright, for us on earth a blinding sight. Giving hope to those without, changing minds of those in doubt. Saving lives across this land, in ways we never understand. A message from God, a miraculous feat, a spirit awakened, a soul now complete. An Angels heart is pure and bright, just look, and you shall see the light.

Angels in Training

Do not cry for when I'm gone, my body dies but soul lives on, in your mind and on your face, So keep me happy, keep me safe. Keep me where I wish to be, Inside your favorite memory. For long after my time has passed , the love I leave, I know shall last. So do not cry for when I'm gone, Your love for me will carry on. We will meet again, when we reach heavens gate, I will stretch out my wings, and for you, I will wait. We're Angels in training , while here on this earth, So live life to the fullest, be all that your worth.

Hands of God

The hands of God stretch far and wide, the mountains, the valleys, the oceans, the tide. The desert, the tundra, the forest of rain, the tallest of mountains, the smallest of grains.
His beams of light, shine near and far, lighting homes, and touching hearts. Healing famine, sickness and drought, giving his hope to all those without.
The heat in the summer, or cold winter snow, a fiery inferno or a hurricanes blow. The flowers that bloom, and will fill you with love, those snowflakes that fall, bringing gifts from above.
Our God is all mighty and we should all know There's really no place that our God will not go.


What Is God to you? The heavens, the earth, the sky or the ground? The silence in darkness, or thunderous sound? The rain or the moon, the sun or the stars, Your journey thru life when your dreams seem to far. Yes What is god to you ? Anger from hurt, denial or hate? Betrayal or lust perhaps,greed, shame or fate? The birds in the sky or fish in the sea? The wine in a bottle or the hope that you need? Yes What is God to you? A Vision, a version, a myth or a man, A song or a poem or a story from man? The maker, creator the all knowing eye, The master the lover, the father of time? Yes What is God to you? God is all things and has lasted thru time, The legend of legends, the bender of minds. If you've chosen to read this or have chosen to see, Then the answer is in you, and what YOU believe. GOD is the power, that pulls all the strings, The ANSWER is YES… GOD IS EVERYTHING


Touched by an angel, beauty unseen. A man on a corner, a girl in a dream. A child in danger, a life on the line. Miraculous healing, a moment in time. Though you may not see them, They always are there, A message from God, an answer to prayer.