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Hero We need and want a hero, so we put   them on t.v. Like the man who walks with spiders, or the one who rules the sea. We see them in our comic books, they jump right off the page, turning into monsters as their eyes fill up with rage. We even have them out in space among the brightest stars, traveling the galaxies, or giant robot cars. From amazons to mutants, we make every shape and size, with any kind of power we can even fantasize. But we have heroes here on earth and it is not hard to see, from cops and paramedics, to the ones that keep us free. Their power is their courage and their strength their sacrifice, standing up to evil they will pay most every price. Take the time to thank them cause they're not just on a screen these heroes walk among us and some die for you and me. Yet there's one hero that I see, we often overlook, the one who rules the Angels, and is taught to us in books. The keeper of the kingdom, yes