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Fathers Love

My fathers love will have no end, he taught me love as my best friend. He told me wrongs but showed me right, when darkness fell he was the light. This love I know from deep within, and strength I have I learned from him. Morals and values in life that I see, reflections of him in this life that I lead. The greatest man that I ever have known, I am who I am from the seeds he had sown. When I kneel and pray to our God up above, I always will thank him for my fathers love.


You can say they don't exist, but I still see them everyday, they surround us in our hearts and every time I kneel to pray. In the corner of my mind and in the pages of a book, They are only hard to find if you don't take the time to look. The homeless on the corner and your hero in Iraq, from a princess on the screen down to a junkie smoking crack. They all have things in common, If you look into their soul. Angels watching over them to help them gain control. See we all have our demons and the struggles real each day, these Angels fight them off with us to help us find our way.

Always your valentine

Somewhere in heaven a valentine waits, for a soul left on earth, that is full of heartaches. It doesn’t seem fair, oh lord why are you there, leaving me lonely in so much despair. You left here so soon leaving holes in my life, jagged and torn from this virtual knife. The shock has now passed but it still leaves me numb, eyes like a rain cloud and heart like a drum. I know there is reason but don’t understand, why you are up there as I stay on this land. I will wait for you oh I know that its true, this person on earth, that was made just for you. A match made above yes a soul stuck in time, until we meet again, always your valentine.