The power of Christ is a wondrous thing,
he sends forth his angels on glorious wings.
He pierces thru evil, his wrath wont be beat,
his love is abundant, the noblest feat.
Forgiveness from him, is achieved thru our faith,
some find it much sooner, for some its too late.
Repent is the answer, turn back from the sin,
let Jesus beat Satan, save you from your skin.
On my day of judgement, when I lay before,
the power of Christ and I kneel on his floor.
I pray he forgives all the sin in my life,
the struggles the torment, my weakness and strife.
When I'm laid to rest and my time here is thru,
forgive me my father, I know not what I do.
Thank you to Jesus for all you endured,
so I can be free from this sin, and be cured.


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